Greetings! My name is Eric W. Olsen, Jr., but everyone calls me EJ. I’m a graduate of Washington State University, a communications assistant for Renew the Arts and an independent blogger at We Are Mirrors.

My passion for writing led me down the path of becoming a communications major. I graduated with high distinction from Everett Community College in 2016, completing my Associates Degree of Arts and Sciences. In my second-to-last quarter at EvCC, I was introduced to the communications program WSU offered at their Everett location, and it immediately stood out as a way I could professionally apply my passions and the skills I had developed over several years of independent writing.

As I began to develop an interest in media communications and digital content promotion, I joined Renew the Arts (known as the Nehemiah Foundation for Cultural Renewal at the time) as a volunteer communications assistant. Though Renew the Arts is based in Atlanta, Georgia, I was able to conduct my work remotely in Washington. I currently assist in social media management, artist publicity, and communications strategy.

Following my graduation, I took a gap year to work full time and travel — taking two trips to Georgia, one to Texas and one to Alabama. I graduated from Washington State University with my Bachelor of Arts in Strategic Communication in spring 2019, and I hope to find a career in the public relations field that allows me to continue writing in a way that is both creative and professionally useful. Media communications related to the music industry would be the absolute dream.

Upon my graduation, I packed everything I own into the back of my Ford Escape and migrated to Georgia to be closer to the causes and people there that are near and dear to my heart. Besides writing for my own blog and Renew the Arts, I also occasionally write fiction and have completed three short stories. I’m a casual collector of vinyl records and cassette tapes and enjoy engaging in fellowship over film, food and fine coffee.